Southgate Player Registrations

Southgate Player Registrations Form


Please be aware that by giving your online consent by completing the form below you are agreeing to:

  • The registration of this player and the club storing this information
  • Our qualified coaches and personnel, in cases of serious illness or injury, to act in loco parentis if we were unable to contact you, including taking your child to hospital, giving permission for medical treatment and giving the information listed above to medical staff
  • The player and parental expectations set out in the codes of conduct attached to the email.


Southgate Football Club only holds data on players and parents solely for the running of the club and its activities. All data is held by the club secretary and manager in a secure manner. Data is only shared within the club, relevant football leagues and the FA. Please contact the club secretary if you wish for further details.

Before completing the online registration you will need to upload a profile photo of your child. Please no full body photos as these will then need to be cropped. 

These photos will only be used to upload to the FA website to register your child.

Please send these photos via email to – along with the child’s name.

Southgate Colts Online Player Registration Form 2022/23
This form is for use to send a player registration request to Southgate by parents or carers. Do not use this form if you have not contacted or spoken to your child’s manager or Southgate Secretary. You should only use this form if you have been asked to do so.
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